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  3. Thursday, December 29 2022, 01:52 AM
On our site we have Easy-Profile set up so that:
1) Visitors (Guests) to the website can search the site directory, and
2) Members (Registered Users) can log in and create a profile that visitors can then search through.

We've found that the Visitors (Guests) search landing page is returning a 404 error along with the mysqli_query we're seeing on the page tab (see attached screenshot).

This appears to be a PHP issue. When the site is using PHP 7.4.33 page loads and functions correctly. When we update the site to PHP 8.0.26 we get the error. Joomla v 3.10.11 is compatible with PHP v 8

Is there a fix? Is Easy-profile ready/compatible with Joomla v4.2?
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