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  3. Tuesday, July 14 2020, 12:03 PM

In users area we have several Select fields:
Country - all countries
Some other field 1 - 20 options
Some other field 2 - 15 options

Currently in search module if I add these fields, it shows all options in search/filter

1. I wonder, in search module, is there a way to show only these countries which has users assigned to them?
Same goes to other select fields, these should display options only someone has assigned option.

Goal is to avoid empty results.

2. Is there a way to allow only one Option per search field to be searched?
At the moment, Select search field allows multiple Options.

Any suggestion is welcomed

admin Accepted Answer
sorry both features are not available :(
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Krx Accepted Answer
Too bad because this makes search feature limited.

No one will waste their time to search for empty result.
I asked about this because several visitors asked if our search works because it would mostly throw empty results because they would search with select options which no users have.
Anyway, thanks for the info.
If this is not possible I guess that we will use different component,
because we need to have search option precise and uncluttered with options which leads to empty results.

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