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How can i use standard register joomla instead of easy profile register..

i need use both with different two register menu...
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Easy Profile extends Joomla user management, not replace it, so the registration form is the same of Joomla.
To manage this you can use a workaround with Easy Profile conditions, for example I have fields for student and fields for teacher (and I want to have 2 different usergroups for each profile type)

- Create a hidden field (with alias "usertype" ) with following conditions:
1. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) show student fields
2. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) add to usergroup "Student"
3. if equal to custom value "teacher" show teacher fields
4. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) add to usergroup "Teacher"

- Now can access at these form with these link
1. (student) http://your-site.com/registration (normal Joomla registration form)
2. (teacher) http://your-site.com/registration?usertype=teacher (this is a menu item of type link and the link should be the same link with parameter usertype filled)

Docs to assign field value in registration from URL here: http://docs.easy-profile.com/index.php/article/tips-and-tricks
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