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I'm using table to display user results.

Each user will have a unique score and unique video.

I want a video link represented by icon instead of text of link. Each video link will be unique to user. Is this possible?

If not,
Vimeo Field works but video is too large in table... can size of video be controlled? or column width restricted?

Text link works to display video but I don't want to show url ... can text link have only icon to link?

Similar to HTML Delimiter except unique for each user.

Or do you have another suggestion / solution?

Thank you

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Hi and sorry for late reply,
you can use HTML delimiter field type and Content Plugin to make this, follow these steps:
- Remove Vimeo field from users list page
- Create a custom field of type HTML Delimiter
- Set HTML description in the new field with something like this*:
<a href="/{user vimeo_field_alias displayed raw}"><img src="/url_of_the_play_icon" /></a>

- Edit Vimeo field and add this condition: if equal to custom value (leave empty custom value) then hide HTML delimiter field
- Add the new HTML Delimiter field to be shown in Users List

In Users List you will see the HTML field only when Vimeo field is filled (condition), it will show the Video icon link.

- HTML editors like TinyMce (built in Joomla editor) should not recognize something like {user ...} as link, so it may change the output, so I recommend you to disable editor when you edit this field.

HTML delimiter field type: http://docs.easy-profile.com/index.php/article/html-delimiter-field-type
Content Plugin: http://docs.easy-profile.com/index.php/article/content-plugin
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