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  3. Wednesday, August 23 2023, 03:54 AM
It seems like I am reaching the max allowed size for the easy profile db as I am getting an error message about it whenever I am trying to create a new field.
In order to save some space, I have a lot of "text" fields that containing "decimals" all smaller than 9,999. I see all text fields by default are set to a max size of 255. Would it save me space to reduce this max size and if yes, what should be the size?
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you have reached MySQL hard limit.
In the Easy Profile user table each field create one or more column. Unfortunately MySQL have a hard limit that not allow you to create infinite columns.

To solve this you can:
1) remove trashed fields (see screenshot)
2) with a tool like phpMyAdmin you can change type of column in the table #__jsn_users from VARCHAR to TEXT (only for columns related to Text field type)
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Thanks. Most of my fields are already TEXT type. Is that the most space saving one?
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