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  3. Monday, June 12 2017, 11:07 PM
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It's possible to show in the "User List" Module only the own user and not any others? For example i login as the user "test" then i can see only this user in the "User List" Module!

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admin Accepted Answer
Yes, but there is a better solution to show your information in a module: you can simply create a Joomla custom module and use our content plugin to show information of current logged in user:
- Go to Extensions->Modules and click to "New" button
- Choose "Custom" Module
- Add HTML like screenshot
- In options set "Prepare Content" to "yes" (with this the module will use Joomla content plugins)
- See result

Docs about our content plugin at http://docs.easy-profile.com/index.php/article/content-plugin
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giorgi-bulia Accepted Answer
Yes thats what I need. I will take a look at this. Thanks

By the way when I opened popup images sticky header was on top of it so I did not see close button until I scroll to top, to get normal header not sticky and only after close button appeared. I guess you need to change zindex for image popup.
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