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  3. Monday, March 22 2021, 04:30 PM
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did a clean install for joomla, Easy Profile and User Import Plugin... not changes made
I get the same error... (see attached) on user import in the frontend...

Backend works with the same import file csv but it has a warning
- Warning
Model class JsnModelImport not found in file.
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daniel-j Accepted Answer
Okay, I spent some time trying to narrow down the problem...
See the pictures attached.

It seems that when I select the "Send email with access details to New User"
option using the frontend user import plugin I get an error as noted in the picture.

When I do not select the option checkbox for Send Email... The import works... but no email is sent ...of course. (See Picture)

Now When I use the backend user import (the "Send email with access details to new user" is already selected)
There is no problem with import or emails being sent out... but there is a warning, (See Picture)

I tried to remove all extra plugins that might conflict and that did not seem to help...
is there somewhere else I could look?
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admin Accepted Answer
about frontend plugin: this is bug, solution at https://www.easy-profile.com/support/user-import-frontend.html#reply-28325

about backend plugin: I have tried in our environment and we are not able to replicate this warning (latest Joomla version)
We are investigating on your site.
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daniel-j Accepted Answer
Thank you!
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