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  3. Friday, April 02 2021, 12:33 PM
Hello, Dear Support,

We are using an easy profile and we want to show users list only our members we want to show the login page when they click on users ist. please let me know how we can do it.

Thank you
admin Accepted Answer
you can do this by following these steps:-
- Set the Access of the menu item of type Easy Profile->User List to Registered
- Create a menu item of type Users->Login called "Users List" and set redirect to the Easy Profile's User List page (see screenshot), also set the Access to Guest

With this in the menu the guest users will see the menu item "Users List" that point to the login form, after login they will be redirected to the Easy Profile's User List page.
Already logged in users, instead, will not see this menu item but they will see directly the Easy Profile's User List menu item
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