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  3. Friday, April 07 2023, 05:54 AM
I know that EasyProfile is Not Joomla 4 compatible.

However, does anyone know if EasyProfile works on Joomla 3?
Krx Accepted Answer
It works on Joomla 3.
However dont use it if you plan to upgrade into J4.
I am stuck with one huge project and I cannot upgrade into J4 because I used EasyProfile main component for users
It seems that developers abandoned EasyProfile
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joecan Accepted Answer
Basically, consider EasyProfile dead as Joomla 3.10's Lifecycle (EOL) is scheduled for August 17, 2023 (3 months from now).

Once EOL kicks in, Joomla 3 will not longer be supported.

It appears that Joomla 5 will arrive well before EasyProfile is made compatible with Joomla 4.
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