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Business case
Website of professional society of senior coaches:
General public can search for a senior coach (find nearby coaches) and view (part of) the profiles of the senior coaches
Senior coaches:
members of the society senior coaches society can register and create/manage their own profile
can use the Social Network (plugin) to communicate/interact with each other

Joomla website
3.8.x, Yootheme template
EasyProfile, Social Network plugin, Seach Module, Map Module

Before I installed the Social Network plugin:
the public visitors could search search and view the profiles of the coaches in the 'normal' way
the senior coaches could manage their profile in the 'normal' way
After I installed the Social Network plugin
the public visitor can search the as before, but the profiles ar now presented in the Social Networking view (where the can't see much as they are not registered/logged-in).

Is there a way to set it up such that the public visitors view the profiles of the senior coaches in the 'normal' way?


Hans Doeve
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admin Accepted Answer
sorry for late reply, it's a weekend :D

This should be possible with a template override, please try to copy attached file social.php (unzip first) in folder /templates/your-theme-folder/html/com_jsn/profile/ (create directory first).
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hdoeve Accepted Answer
Thank You very much, seems to work, however not as expected.

Expected: non-registered (not logged in) user and registered (logged in) user having different kind of profile views (normal style vs. Social Network style)

Actual with override: both user types/not logged in and logged in users have the same normal style profile view.

The override is good enough for this website.

So I have a feature request: make this a standard config option - profile view = normal (Joomla/EasyProfile) or Social Network plugin style
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admin Accepted Answer
we will consider this feature for future releases :D
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hdoeve Accepted Answer

BTW, about this forum: when I click on "Accept as Answer" I get an empty pop-up. See attachment. (Using Chrome on Windows10).
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