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in the search field i have "name"
in the backend i have
firstname | lastname

how can i do this:
i want the name search field to search in both fields and display the results.
firstname | lastname
john | smith

the search field "name" should display the result for
- john
- john smith
- smith

How can i achieve that?

admin Accepted Answer
you can set search by "Format Name", see screenshot
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geri1104 Accepted Answer
Thanx this works great but same thing for adress.
adress search field should match this two backend fields:
location | postcode and city

can i do this?
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admin Accepted Answer
sorry this is possible.
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geri1104 Accepted Answer
you mean it is not possible, right?
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admin Accepted Answer
ops, sorry for my reply :D (missing something)

Yes, this is not possible with a simple way, but there is an alternative.
you can add a text field (hidden on profile, edit profile and registration) that contains these 3 values and search by this field.
so if you have:
- location: "value1"
- city: "value2"
- postcode: "value3"
then new field will contains "value1 value2 value3"

to fill value in this new field you need to write a simple plugin based on our skeleton plugin, follow these steps:
- Download, Install and Enable Skeleton Plugin (you will find it at
- remove samples functions: triggerFieldAvatarUpdate, triggerProfileUpdate
- add function like this:
public function triggerProfileUpdate($user,&$data,$changed,$isNew)
if( isset( $data[ 'location' ] ) ) $value .= $data[ 'location' ];
if( isset( $data[ 'city' ] ) ) $value .= $data[ 'location' ];
if( isset( $data[ 'postcode' ] ) ) $value .= $data[ 'location' ];
$data[ 'newfieldalias' ] = $value;

in this code I assumed following field alias:
location -> location
city -> city
postcode -> postcode
new field -> newfieldalias

NOTE: This code is not tested and not supported, this is only for example purpose.

Docs about API to do this at
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geri1104 Accepted Answer
ok, i see.
thanx for the fantastic support!
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