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Since Joomla now uses a sophisticated tracking system (user logging), is there a way to show people visiting ones profile?

Basically I am looking for a way to have the basic community stuff such as:

People Visited Your Profile
Favorite List
Black List (Blocked user, access denies)

I know EP is not designed to offer this type of functionality but maybe you have some creative work arround in mind.

Thank you
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sorry for late reply, unfortunately these are not Easy Profile features. Of course there is a way to manage these things but require some development and these things are a bit complex to explain precisely.

For example the most fastest and Easy way to manage something like "People Visited Your Profile" could be a simple profile customization with Joomla template override:
- Create a DB table to register these informations, for example with columns id, profile_id, visitor_id
- Copy file /components/com_jsn/views/profile/tmpl/default.php to /templates/your-theme-folder/html/com_jsn/profile/default.php
- Customize new file by adding:
- - Code to add current logged user in the table with a query
- - Add the code to retrieve user IDs of visitors from the table and show these informations
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