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I'm using a Joomshaper Edulif template. All the functions and options of the webcam are not displaying along with the author plugin. I also used the Joomla Protostar template. It didn't work either. I checked your documents and forum.
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admin Accepted Answer
sorry for late reply, it was a weekend :)

You can choose upload method from Avatar configuration:
- Go to Components->Easy Profile
- Choose Avatar Field
- Go to section "Image options"
- Choose upload method

Author plugin
Try to check if the Author plugin is enabled from Extensions->plugins. It's possible that the plugin will not works because the Author section seems overridden by the Joomshaper editor.
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justee Accepted Answer
Thank you! I feel silly I didn't check in the custom fields area.
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justee Accepted Answer
The author plugin doesn't work with Joomshaper. They have an author area as well but it doesn't work properly. Here is my official request. I feature request that Easy Profile integrates with Helix Ultimate Joomshaper. One other thing is I believe you have a great extension but maybe update Google+ to just Google.

Thanks. I will communicate with Joomshaper how I can do a workaround for this issue.
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