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  3. Monday, March 21 2022, 10:38 AM
I would like to add a registered user group into the User's Profile.
Reading the doc
It looks like you can get access to this from Easy Profile.
But how and where could I add the code to extract the user group of the user and place it in a field in the Easy Profile User field?
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admin Accepted Answer
this is not possible natively, anyway there is a way to make this but this require some PHP and Joomla Devs knowledges.
Our delimiter field type allow you to use Joomla content plugins (docs about this field type at

You can use some free plugin like Sourcerer ( to get usergroups and display with some code like this:

else $owner_id=JRequest::getVar( 'id' , JFactory::getUser()->id );
$usergroups_ids=JUserHelper::getUserGroups( $owner_id );
$query->select( 'title' );
$query->from( '#__usergroups' );
$query->where( 'id IN ( ' . implode( ',' , $usergroups_ids ) . ' ) ' );
echo implode( ', ' , $usergrous );

Put this code in a HTML delimiter field type to show usergroups.

NOTE: this code is not tested and not supported, this is only for example purpose, you need to have PHP and Joomla devs knowledges.
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davidunwin Accepted Answer
Failing that,
Is there a way I can only show a field based on 2 user groups ie
Display field if user group is 'Registered' and 'User Group A'
At the moment you can only select on a single group.
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admin Accepted Answer
At the moment you can only select on a single group.
Visibility and Availability options will works with Joomla ACL (not usergroups), so you can create a specific ACL for these 2 usergroups and set it in the field.
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davidunwin Accepted Answer
OK, Thanks for answer to ACL.
What about the first question I asked, inserting the Joomla User group into a custom field on the User Profile?
Is there a way to do that?
Kind regards
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Alpha Accepted Answer
how can i get code like the one above to display the user ID in in the users list as well?
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admin Accepted Answer
Hi @Alpha,
you does not need to use a PHP code to make this, you can access to user id with our content plugin (
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