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Hello. I wanted to speak with the developers of EasyProfile to ask if there would be a way for them to adapt a version for multiple profiles/registrations. If not I would be grateful to know of someone who could help.

If you are able and interested, clearly there is a need because very few business owners have ONLY a single profile that can be used across different customers.

I have a few different types of users: (1) Consumers, (2) Students, (3) Affiliates, (4) Employees, (5) Recruits.
Each has their own profile format because they are totally different users with a totally different purpose for coming to my website and using my materials. In the end I want to set up a set of registration/profile questions (form fields) for each type, and I want to use those fields to permit access and create Tags so that I can retrieve collections of articles for each user.

I am certain you have run into this problem. I wish you created such a mechanism as one of your plugins but you dont have one. If you cannot help could you please suggest an individual who would be able to help me achieve this?

Also, there is an issue of being able to separately modularize the (1) registration, (2) login, (3) forgot UN/PW, (4) edit profile. Sometimes we have to place one of these items in a more obvious location, even independently, so that customers know what to do and where to look. For example: Create an account is at the bottom of the login so as to be easily missed. Some of those parts should not even display once logged in, and a better presentation where these 4 actions are able to be formatted to allow us to help customers better see what to do would help. That might mean 4 separate parts:
{module title=”Register”}
{module title=”Login”}
{module title=”Forgot”}
{module title=”Edit Profile”}

Are you able to help?
admin Accepted Answer
Easy Profile extends Joomla user management (not replace it) so the registration page is the same of Joomla and Joomla does not allow different registration forms.

Anyway there is a workaround with a simple trick, see this example:

I have fields for student and fields for teacher

- Create a hidden field (with alias "usertype" ) with following conditions:
1. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) show student fields
2. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) add to usergroup "Student"
3. if equal to custom value "teacher" show teacher fields
4. if equal to custom value "" (leave empty) add to usergroup "Teacher"

- Now can access at these form with these link
1. (student) (normal Joomla registration form)
2. (teacher) (this is a menu item of type link and the link should be the same link with parameter usertype filled)

Docs to assign field value in registration from URL here:
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asbell Accepted Answer
Thank you, but those links didn't work they led to a page that didn't exist 404).

Solution means that each different type of user will see all the other fields of the other users then it's not going to work for me.

I need is a way to present users with a registration page thats unique to their type. they need to be able to go into this profile at any time and make changes. get more of an interest dashboard than a profile.

What were you saying the limitations of Joomla are?
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admin Accepted Answer
with conditions you will have many profiles type, if a field is hidden by a condition it will not be a part of the profile.

What were you saying the limitations of Joomla are?
You asking me for multiple profile/registrations versions. Joomla have an only one registration form but with the way explained in my previous reply you will be able to create different registration forms.
The registration is only one but when you set a value from URL then with conditions you will show/hide fields, so the registrations will seem multiples.
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asbell Accepted Answer
If a person registers as a "Member", and then goes to a separate area of my my website where I teach and the ACL see they are not a "Student", will the registration show up with only the missing "Student" fields? What will happen to the fields that are hidden from the user - how can I prevent that from showing?
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admin Accepted Answer
Sorry but I does understand well your question. If a field is hidden by condition or not available for this type of profiles then it is not a part of the profile (so it will not be visible in profile and in edit profile pages)
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