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  3. Wednesday, September 23 2020, 06:07 PM
Hi guys,

Some conditionals do not react with add usergroup.
Only one reacts.
Works 131
Not working: 55, 148

This is if i work in the backend if i edit a user and changes to usergroup should work.

My client is coming tomorrow, if you find time to check it out soon please do so (thats the urgent).
Without this fixed i can't put anything online, whole workflow is broken.

Yesterday it still worked. I tested it and worked like a charm.
Now today after the image bug yesterday it does not work anymore.

What did i do:
- I have updated JSN (i think it was the latest version already but just installed it to be sure)
- I have disabled all other conditional fields (so its not a conflict)
- I updates joomla core to latest (3.9.20 to 21), installed JSN over this one again
- I tried with the text and values, equal, contains but no luck

Here a video to show you the issue:

Am i doing something wrong here?

Oh and please add some time to keep a ticket open while writing/testing.
I get invalid token message (white screen with Invalid token) after a while
admin Accepted Answer
I'm checking :D
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stip Accepted Answer
That is fast! I hope it is an easy fix!
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admin Accepted Answer
it was more difficult than expected :D

This problem comes when you have enabled "Shared Sessions" in System->Global Configuration

Unfortunately we have not still identified why this happen, so we are not able to give you a quick fix. So, for now, keep this option disabled, we will make a fix in the coming days.
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stip Accepted Answer
I will test it soon!

Thanks for looking in to this so quick!
Awesome support!

Interesting though that the shared sessions is active for weeks though.
So maybe combination with last updates.

Wish you good luck with finding a fix.

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admin Accepted Answer
We are investigating about this, very thanks for your patience and your report :D
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